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Bargain property in Germany: get a cheap real estate in Europe’s most industrialized and populous country

As average purchase prices for properties in Germany are still low compared to the rest of central Europe it seems to be just the right time to invest in Europe‘s most industrialized and populous country.

It has been seen as a reliable investment by both local and overseas investors. This may be due to the fact that approx. 60% of Germans rent rather than buying as Germany’s rental regulations are more favorable to renters.

And there is great news for non-EU-residents: There are no restrictions to foreigners buying property in Germany, everybody with little money can get their own house in Germany! House prices can start at as little as 10,000 Euro if you are up for a restoration project!

Just keep in mind that there will be additional costs estimated at about 10 percent of the purchase price for the property transfer tax, a notary fee and additional small administrative costs, perhaps including the hiring of a translator.

Start looking for your bargain property in Germany here:

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