Where are the cheapest houses in the world? Find cheap houses for sale.

On which website can one find the cheapest houses for sale in the world? We asked ourselves that very question. For those who are eager to get on the property ladder but only have a small budget searching for bargains can be frustrating specially if they are abroad.

We spent hundreds of hours looking hundreds of website only to find out it is actually more difficult than expected. After days of fruitless search we thought something has to be done, the market of cheap properties has to be more transparent!

So, we decided to create www.propertyunder20k.com – a property listing website specially designed to advertise properties for sale at the lowest price range on the market all around the world. To see quickly the hot spots for cheap real estate our website has a map with all properties in it.

It is for free to list properties there, after all the seller is already offering his property ultra-cheap, so why should he pay to advertise it? If you have a property for sale, even if you are asking more than 20,000 for it; all you have to do is to create an account and start selling. You can list it free of charge on www.listproperty4free.com and according to its price it will be displayed on all our websites.

We also have a few sections for buyers with a bigger budget, such as



But enough of explaining! You are probably tired of reading about cheap houses for sale and want to see some real properties now. So here it is, just click on your budget

Houses for sale below 10,000 Euro

Houses for sale below 20,000 Euro

Houses for sale below 30,000 Euro

Houses for sale below 40,000 Euro

Houses for sale below 50,000 Euro

Houses for sale below 100,000 Euro

Or browse through all our property ads on www.propertyandmoreproperty.com.

Hope you find your property bargain soon!

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