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Listing your house for sale on websites who offer to list your property ad for free can be a good way to give some extra exposure with no extra cost.

But you should keep in mind that possible buyers should also be able to find your ad easily, otherwise this will be a waste of your time. That’s why sometimes you have to put yourself into the “buyer’s shoes”. What would he search for? Making some research before is the key for finding the right website. Maybe that’s how you found this post? 😉

If this convinces you already you can add your free property ad by going to:

free property ad
Get best exposure with your free property ad is doing great when it comes to well priced property.

Especially in our section under 20k and under 50k we have a lot of buyers waiting for the next property ads to be posted. How do we know that? We created an Email Alert for our sites and we can see that many are using this service to be the first to be informed if a property with the right criteria is posted.

Right now we are working on the other sections as well as on a new design to make our website more user-friendly. If you have any suggestions for our website please drop us a line, we are always happy to receive feedback from our customers.

We already bought approx. 20 properties for ourselves and with this experience we also keep in mind what buyers are looking for and how do they search. That’s why we implemented a map on our website as we found it to be the best way to find just the right property. And who knows, maybe your house will be the one we buy next. 😉

How come we can offer free listings?

We are a small team; many of us are working on this website out of passion not for money. Of course some of us hope this will change one day. 😉

Most of the costs related to our website are covered by displaying paid advertisement beside the free property ads.

Anyways, the bottom line is no matter where your property is located or how much it costs, all property ads are welcome to be entered free of charge.

We are looking forward to see your property!

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