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The return of the open house to Ireland (the weekends are saved!)

I live in Ireland and always buy at least 2 Sunday papers. From about 2010 to 2016 the property supplements of these newspapers either disappeared or was reduced to a half page in the lifestyle section. In the past 12 months thought the 8-12 page (and sometimes more) property supplements have again appeared. Along with this is the return of the open house phenomenon (usually detailed within the said property supplements).

Those in their late teens or early 20’s would likely not know what this is. Prior to the crash of 2008 it was a national pastime for many people in Ireland to spend their Saturday and/or Sunday afternoons viewing open houses for sale in the area.

Many with little or no intention of buying just enjoyed a guilt-free nose around another well groomed open house.

Also I think people used to mimic the designs of these show homes into their own homes or at least use it as a template (well that’s what I did!).

The people I feel sorry for are the estate agents who once again have to sacrifice time at the weekends so that the nosiest people in the local area (along with the very odd person who actually wants to buy something) can dirty the nice new carpets of the show homes.

Perhaps feeling sorry for the Estate Agents is not right, as I am sure they are back making some money again in Ireland after several years of keeping their heads above water. Most of the show houses are still in the Dublin and greater Dublin areas but like anything that happens in Dublin: It is spreading.

Living just an hour from the capital I am looking forward to soon being able to dirty some lovely beige carpets whilst feigning an interest in a 3-bedroom semi detached pile in Tullamore.

If you just love open house designs this might be for you:

Forty Years of Fabulous: The Kips Bay Decorator Show House
by Steven Stolman

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