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Why Estate Agents are here to stay

Every so often there appears to be a push toward the ‘sell your house yourself’ movement with companies appearing who will send you a ‘for sale’ sign and a ‘sell it yourself’ explanation pack.

When all this first starting gaining traction a few years I was inclined to think it was a good idea. Now though I have changed my mind.

Whilst we all may feel that Estate Agents do very little I have come to appreciate what they do, let me explain why.

The first thing to point out is the professional factor. When people are buying a house it is likely the most expensive thing they will ever buy. As such they are keen to get it right.

Having an Estate Agent adds a professional factor. I think many buyers find this important and, given the choice between having this and paying a little more or not having it, I think many are happy to pay a little more.

From a sellers point of view I genuinely believe that Estate Agents (or Auctioneers as they are called in some countries) are capable of getting more money for your house than an individual going down the ‘sell it yourself’ route.

I am of the opinion that the rate the Estate Agent charges for carrying out the sale will almost be significantly less than the added value they bring to the property.

In many countries it is open to anyone to enter a property onto the most popular properly websites but this it also not a reason to skip the Estate Agent. The professionalism of images and texts is important in getting a potential buyers attention.

Overall I think the Estate Agent will add far more to the value of your home than they will charge. Isn’t this good enough reason in itself to avail of their services?

Estate agents or a private sellers can sell properties on

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